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In need of extra cash and have a junk car gathering rust? Top dollar and same day pick up!
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Junk Car Removal
Worried that junk towing is both costly and labor intensive? Take a look at our services page and see how we can help!
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With more than 20 years in the towing and junk car removal business, we have the experience that makes us the leading towing company in the Chicago land area! If you are in need of a towing service in an emergency or just looking to get ride of that clunker in your drive way, give us a call!.

Towing Service

Car or truck won’t start? Has your vehicle broken down? Then call on ZAT Cash For Junk Cars, a towing service in the Chicago Area, ready to take your vehicle where it needs to go to get serviced. With ZAT Cash For Junk Cars, you get the quick, reliable service you need so that you’re not sitting around wondering when you’ll be able to fix your car’s problem. You need a towing service like ZAT Cash For Junk Cars because we have the drivers and the tow trucks available and prepped to tow away your vehicle with as little hassle as possible for you. Don’t just sit there wondering what to do with your stagnant vehicle when ZAT Cash For Junk Cars is available to take the trouble off your shoulders. Call ZAT Cash For Junk Cars if you want your vehicle eventually running again.

Junk Towing and Removal

Do you have a junk car or truck that’s just sitting there and wasting space, or an eye-sore of an old jalopy that’s ruining your yard? Have you been telling yourself, “I wish someone to buy my junk car”? Don’t worry, help is on the way. At ZAT Cash For Junk Cars, we specialize in used and junk car removal. We’ll come to your home or property and remove that unwanted wreck or useless car, regardless of its condition. We understand that you want to get rid of that junk car as quickly as possible. That’s why we’ll make sure to be there promptly and on time to remove that junky old wreck. There is no need to go on wishing that someone would “tow away my junk car”, because even though removing a junk car can sometimes be both costly and labor intensive, ZAT Cash For Junk Cars is pleased to offer junk car removal absolutely free. What’s more, we pay cash for cars for your old broken car and will compensate you fairly for its worth. Get rid of that old clunker and make some money, all without lifting a finger. Call ZAT Cash For Junk Cars, the leaders of cash for cars and junk towing in the Chicago area today!


Q: What type of cars do you purchase?

A. We purchase all makes and models.

Q. What if I don't have the title to the car?

A. No title? No problem! We can complete a vehicle transfer without a title, we are able to purchase vehicles with the proper state forms and the owners signature.

Q. What will be required from me?

A. An Illinois State driver’s license or picture ID for of all the persons names appearing on the title. A legible vehicle title and registration.

How do you determine your purchase prices?

A. We have software that tells us what cars are going for on the wholesale car market, Kelley Blue Book, NADA (National Auto Dealers Association) minus whatever maintenance is needed to make the car safe for the next driver.

Q. How do you pay?


Junk Car Removal – Cash for Cars –

This is how it works! If you’re in need of extra cash and you have an unused vehicle in your backyard, driveway or street then turn to Cash for Cars Chicago.We will pay for your junk cars and our professional junk car removal staff will come to your location to take them away. Hassle free and peace of mind is the name of our game. With our assistance, you get instant money while having more space in your driveway or your yard. Regardless of your car’s condition, we guarantee that you will have cash in your hands that day. In addition, we also accept automobiles with lost titles.

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Can Junk Cars Really Be a Source of Cash?

Your damaged car can also bring in a massive amount of money, which requires just a timely decision. The Cash for junk car system has become popular in many countries worldwide, including the United States. Learn about the process and turn a discarded car into an asset.

Burbank, IL

I never thought I’d get so much money for an old car, Cash for Junk Cars offered me a set rate that I was happy with, especially since I didn’t have to bring the car to them. Thank you very much, I will continue to tell people that you are the best junk car buyer around.

Lisa Moris
Chicago, IL

I told them the car was in very bad condition, and they said everything was fine. They said they took the car in all conditions. As they said they did, they took the car and paid me cash. They are professionals, thank you very much.

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