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Recycling Junk Cars In Bourbonnais

Junk cars are terrible for the environment.

While no vehicle is exactly easy on Mother Nature, a car left out to rot can pose a lot of concerns for people and wildlife.  Scrapped cars are not biodegradable like organic waste and can leak harmful chemicals out into the ground and water supplies.  The plastic and rubber on these cars sticks around for decades unless it’s recycled and repurposed into something else.  Whether you live in spacious Bourbonnais or a hectic street in Chicago, that rotting car is not just a headache and taking up space but a danger to the world at large.

Fluids – All of the old coolant, brake fluid, fuel and oil have to go somewhere and unfortunately it’s leeching into the soil the junk car is sitting on.  From this point it can get into the very water supplies we rely on.  It can also cause devastation to the ecosystem because once it contaminates the soil, the bugs become contaminated.  Those bugs are eaten by small animals and birds who are eventually eaten by larger animals and so on.  All of these dangerous fluids are saturating food, water and our land.

CFCs – Known as chlorofluorocarbons, these harsh chemical compounds have been blowing into our atmosphere since the 1930s.  In recent decades, laws have been passed to restrict CFC creation and consumption.  While newer vehicles release far less noxious chemicals than before, it still means that any old cars still running are spewing more harm than good.  These CFCs get into our ozone and break down the protective layer, contributing to climate change.

Whether a car is running or not, it’s still impacting the world around us in some pretty negative ways.  In order to reduce the problem posed by clunkers or older cars, the best solution is to recycle them.  By selling them to junk car companies, the components can be recycled properly and much of the vehicle repurposed.  Z.A.T. Cash For Junk Cars in Bourbonnais will give you cash that same day and tow the car away at no cost to you.  Instead of letting that old car hog up space in your driveway or break down and release some bad muck into the earth, give Z.A.T. Cash For Junk Cars a call at 773.908.2622 and have that scrap car recycled the right way!

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