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How Do You Know When Its Time To Junk Your Car

With proper care and maintenance, your vehicle can last for years.  We sometimes grow attached to our cars or continue with upkeep out of financial necessity but, at some point, you will likely need to get rid of it.  So, how exactly do you know when it’s time to get rid of that car?  Here are a few signs that you should consider…

  • If you find that you are constantly repairing your vehicle.  When you are fixing your car every month just so it will run, it’s time to get a newer one.
  • If the cost of repairs exceeds the value of your car or truck.  A new engine or transmission can cost dearly and if the repairs are more than what the vehicle is worth, you’re breaking the bank only to float until the next issue springs up.  Instead of leaking money, it might be time to get rid of it.
  • If it doesn’t run and is just gathering rust hanging out on your property.  For one, ask yourself if you ACTUALLY will ever repair it or if it’s even worth repair in the first place.  As a vehicle sits, unused, it essentially atrophies – collecting more dust and having individual parts or systems break down and become useless.
  • If your vehicle is unsafe to drive or has poor safety ratings.  Taking a car out on the road that has severe operation issues is hazardous to you and every single person on, or near, the road.  It’s irresponsible to put others in potential risk of injury or fatality simply to save a buck.
  • If you’ve outgrown it.  Perhaps you’ve gotten a new job that pays more or requires you to haul tools.  Maybe you’ve expanded your family and need a safer car with more room.  Whatever the reason, your life situation has changed and you may have outgrown that particular vehicle.
  • If no one will buy it.  You definitely know you have a junk car if you can’t get another driver to purchase it for basic use.

Change can be difficult and the idea of spending money to acquire a newer car can cause a sinking feeling.  In the end, having a reliable, safe vehicle that transports you where you need to go and keeps the roadways hazard free is the best option.  You can even sell your junk car for cash and free up the space it occupies.

Z.A.T. Cash For Junk Cars will pay you cash, that same day, for your junk car or truck.  We even tow it off of your property at no cost to you.  You make money and we handle the hard stuff – it’s that easy.  It doesn’t matter the make, the model or the condition of your vehicle, we will make you an offer.  It’s truly the no stress way to get rid of your junk car and make some quick cash.


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