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What To Do Before You Sell Your Junk Car

Most drivers in the United States keep their vehicles until they are nearing the end of life, the average clocking in at about 12 years.  While this makes sense in regards to saving money and avoiding a monthly car payment, it makes it harder to sell.  There will come a time when the vehicle is past prime and stops running or costs too much to maintain and you want to get rid of it.  When you find it impossible to sell online, you may decide to offload it to a junk car company for cash.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind before the junk car buyers come to collect your vehicle:

Personal Items – Be sure to remove any and all personal belongings from the car.  Thoroughly look in the trunk, glove compartment, under seats, in-between seats and in any storage areas, such as door or seat pockets.  Once the car leaves, so does any stuff inside of it.

Plates – Make sure you take the plates off of your vehicle if you haven’t already done so.  Many states require you to do this before you can legally sell it.  In the eyes of the law, you purchased them so you are responsible for them.

Cancel Insurance – Before you send the vehicle off, be sure to cancel any insurance on it.  You don’t want to forget and end up paying for a car you don’t have.  Give a call to your insurance carrier and cancel your policy, or remove the vehicle from your plan.

Aftermarket Parts – If you’ve added something custom to the vehicle that can be removed, do so.  You can make money off of these custom parts if you sell them separately.  If it’s busted or not valuable to begin with, you may be better off leaving it on the vehicle.

And the most important…

Paperwork – Be sure to have the appropriate proof that you own the vehicle.  Having a title is key but, if you lost the it, you can go through local and state channels to acquire a new one.  There may even be state forms you can fill out in lieu of a title.  A buyer, whether regular or a cash for car company, needs to prove that you have the right to sell said vehicle.

Whether you sell to a friend, online, a cash for cars company or decide to scrap it completely, make sure you take the appropriate steps to protect yourself before it goes.  You don’t want to find yourself losing money or important items.  Selling a junk car – no matter what condition and how bad it looks – is a fairly easy process.  Avoid the hassle, get your paperwork in order, clean it out and look for the best offer possible for your junk car.




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